ES WEB NYT: ES 244-21 er udsendt til medlemmerne.

2. september 2021

ES WEB NYT indeholder: Noter fra Branchepanelsmødet 1. september 2021: ES 243-21 og Kort orientering om Luftfartskonference om AirMind.
Extension of consultation period of NPA 2021-09 ‘Regular update of the acceptable means of compliance and guidance material to Regulation (EU) 2019/947 on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft’.
Publication of the final deliverable ‘Amendment of the requirements for flight recorders and underwater locating devices: CSs/AMC/GM for locating an aircraft in distress’ and the related CRD to NPA 2020-03.
EASA NPA 2021-10 : Prevention of catastrophic accidents due to rotorcraft hoist issues.
ES dialogmøde onsdag den 29. september: ES 213-21. Udsendt den 6. august med ES 214-21.
Link til EASA Annual Safety Review 2021.